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Video on the Internet is taking off. It's a way of entertaining ourselves and is becoming a popular research tool for buyers. As high-speed Internet becomes more readily available, video has exploded onto the web as the next big opportunity that every real estate professional should take advantage of. Take a look below at how the Video Tour can give you the advantage.

Because the Video Tour is created from existing photography, there is no need for expensive equipment or editing software. This means you can spend your valuable time focusing on what you do best... selling.

With the Video Tour, setting the right mood to your listing means audio. TourFactory gives you a large selection of free tracks that you can add to your presentation with the ease of a pull-down menu.

The Video Tour was designed to give you and your listing the exposure you need in a competitive market. That's why it has been optimized for a wide range of popular video syndication points on the Internet.

Now you can fit your listings right in your pocket whether you're using your iPod, Zune or Cell Phone. In this way, the Video Tour becomes a powerful selling tool for agents to capture listings. The Video Tour also can be downloaded from the main toolbar in your Ultimate Tour so buyers can view your listings everywhere they go.
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