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Generate Referrals with a Memorable DVD Tour.

Keep Selling Long After It's Sold.

The DVD Tour is the perfect way to get future referrals while displaying your marketing skills. Give it as a memorable keepsake to your seller at closing or play it on a tablet or laptop at your next Open House. There's the saying, flattery will get you everywhere. This holds true with the DVD Tour. Sellers will love the gesture and it makes an effective new tool in word-of-mouth advertising for future business.


The DVD tour is a custom DVD presentation that can be played in any DVD player, Blu-Ray player or on a computer. DVDs include agent-branded packaging, a great way to generate future leads. While business cards end up in the trash or junk drawers, people hesitate to throw away DVDs. Give your sellers a reason to remember you with a DVD tour.


Branded DVD tour/$24.99
Branded, 5-pack DVD tour/$39.99