Photographer Reviews
Peter Pizarro:  He's the best at what he does!
Virtual Tour #2101387
Jim Jordan:  Rich always does an excellent job!
Jim Jordan:  Rich is one of the best! He always does a great job!
Jim Jordan:  Rich is one of my favorites!
Holli Phillips:  Rich was so friendly and polite!!! I will continue to use him for my listings!!!!
Julie Hunley:  Great job!
Jim Rosebro:  Works on weekends! Great job.
The Massey-Trinkle Team:  Rich, does a fantastic job.
Joan Brown:  Rich is a fine photographer and will get all my listing!!! He has been very nice and fun to see. Joan Brown, Re/Max Ability Plus
Matt McLaughlin:  Rich did a great job with this PINK decor home (and grouchy me). Thank you.
The Mitchell Group:  Rich does a great job. People like him and his photos have helped in getting showings and sales.
Matt McLaughlin:  Wow! Rich did a wonderful job making this listing glow. Even with home not quite in best "show" status at the time. Thanks.
Joan Brown:  always great! Joan Brown
Joan Brown:  Great person--made friends with the dog and proceeded in a very friendly warm professional manner. Excellent Joan Brown
Jim Rosebro:  The best!
The Mitchell Group:  Rich, does a great job with all aspects of the order.
Jim Rosebro:  Never fails to do an excellent job.
Joel M. Rust:  Thank you Rich....
Mike McCooey:  Wow, Rich. Great job! Do you do little houses, too?
Joan Brown:  Very cordial and my clients loved the pictures and his presentation! Will definately use him again. Joan Brown
Lisa Bick:  This was my very first experience and my very first listing and Rich was exceptional in his explanations to me and walking me through the process. Additionally, I loved his photos!
The Nagy Group:  Great job!!!
Mr. Katt:  Did a great job and I learned a lot of helpful hints
Joel M. Rust:  Thank you Rich! Now STOP the rain. Joel
Mary Lou Stark:  Very nice to work with!
Joel M. Rust:  Thank you Rich! Hopefully another Bayhill property that will Sell quickly with the help of your wonderful photos. Joel M. Rust ERA/Real Estate Links
Candi Hester:  Rich ALWAYS does a great job! :) My only complaint is that I have to share him with everyone because he's so good. :)
Joel M. Rust:  Thank you once again Rich!
Susan Brandon:  WONDERFUL!!!!
Becky Theis:  Rich Phelan's photos and virtual tour for my latest listing are gorgeous!
Kristie Blankenhorn:  Darrell and Rich are the best. I feel very loyal to both gentlemen and the Tour Factory product. Kristie
The Kim Alexander Group:  I love my photographer! :-)
Joel M. Rust:  Thank you Rich! Happy Holiday's Joel ERA/Real Estate Links
Marchant Team:  Rich is so easy to work with and shows me the pictures as he takes them to be sure we capture what we want. I asked him to take a picture of the sink today and he was happy to do that for me!
Juleen Team:  Nice job.
Joel M. Rust:  Rich, Thank you! Joel M. Rust ERA/Real Estate Links
Fred and Joy Conner Team:  Rich is the Best, really makes the home stand out.
Kristie Smith:  Rich has always done an absolutely amazing job for us! His photos are beyond wonderful!
Joel M. Rust:  Rich, Thank you for your continued support w/my listings. Joel M. Rust ERA/Real Estate Links
Linda Bickell:  I would hire him again. Thanks, Linda
Joel M. Rust:  Thank you Rich for fitting this into your schedule in order to take advantage of the beautiful day!
Mark Humphrey:  He was great and the pictures are too.
Marchant Team:  It was hard for me to get used to someone other than Jodi but Rich has provided the same level of great photo's and ease in working with.
Joel M. Rust:  Rich, Thank you for your continued help and support. Joel M. Rust ERA/Real Estate Links
Jenny Shopp:  The pictures are very very good...
Joel M. Rust:  Rich, Thank you! Awesome Job. Joel M. Rust ERA / Real Estate Links
Rachel Quade:  I will definitely ask for Rich again.
Fred and Joy Conner Team:  Rich is the best.
Juleen Team:  Nice photos. The home looks very attractive.
Joel M. Rust:  Rich, Thank you once again! Joel M. Rust ERA / Real Estate Links The Rust Realty Group
The Nagy Group:  Very helpful and pleasant.
Joel M. Rust:  Rich, I will keep them coming for you! All the best, Joel
Joel M. Rust:  Rich is my photographer as he always produces the highest quality pictures of my homes to be marketed
Juleen Team:  Another good shoot
Christine Hendricks:  It's good to be back. We've recently switched from OBEO to Tour Factory. Rich is a great photographer and very accomodating to our needs. Greg and Christine Hendricks - Century 21 1st Choice
Jack Gorecki:  This is my most important listing to date , I needed someone with an eye for detail. I have used Tour Factory before and had excellent results both from the production side and the sales results as well. The photographer obviously knew allot more about what to do and how to do it then I would have done with my little digital camera. Thanks for a job well done.
Juleen Team:  The client was impressed with the photos good job Rich
Jim Jordan:  Rich always does a great job!
Tobi Weinstein:  We liked the tour much better than the still photos of the rooms. The photographer was great and appears to really enjoy his job!
Lynn Walker-Young:  Kelly was a fun photographer - she seemed to enjoy her job and it certainly showed in the end results. Great job. Lynn W. Young
Lynn Walker-Young:  Rich did a wonderful job! This is a great tool to enhance our marketing. Thank you all. Lynn W. Young
Paul Frey:  The photographs were great.
Joel M. Rust:  I am so happy that Rich is back shooting my homes once again!
Steve Silver:  Rich always does an amazing job shooting all of our tours!
Jim Jordan:  Rich always does a great job!
Michele Ramsey:  Rich always does a great job!
Pat Chandler:  We love this photographer!
Dick Richwine:  My agent set up the appt. The pictures are BEAUTIFUL!