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Darkroom. Virtual Tour Photography Made Easy.

With Darkroom's Photoblend stitching technology, gone are the days of going through extensive photo manipulation to create beautiful Panoramas for your Virtual Tour. Now creating a panorama is as simple as clicking on the photos you want to stitch and clicking a button. PhotoBlend does the rest by magically blending your photos together with seamless results. Once your panoramas have been stitched and your photo-editing is complete, Darkroom lets you upload your Virtual Tour Photos straight to your TourFactory account with the click of a button. PhotoBlend can even handle stitching multiple panoramas at the same time so you can save time!

Darkroom comes complete with everything you need to make your photos look their best with a list of convenient photo editing tools. No longer do you need expensive photo editing software to produce high quality images for your Virtual Tour.

Darkroom gives you fantastic image quality with every stitch thanks to a technology we call Dual Band Blending. When the images are combined, Dual Band Blending ensures that your light levels match while preserving the fine details of the photo - for a seam so good, your photos don't look stitched!