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Weekly Reporting That's Off the Charts.

Sellers Love Communication

So your seller calls you and wants an update on how things are going. Answer them with the Weekly Sellers Report. This is an automated email sent from you to your seller that gives them a detailed breakdown of the traffic that their virtual tour received.

Here's The Great Stats Your Seller Will Receive

Weekly Photo Traffic

The weekly photo traffic section of the report shows you how many views you've had on your tour for each day of the last week.

Referring Web Pages

The referring web page section shows the top 9 sites that your virtual tour is being viewed from. In order for a website to show up as a referring web page at least .5% of the traffic must be coming from that site. Until the .5% threshold is met the site will be omitted from the report.

Long Term Photo Traffic

Long term photo traffic will show the traffic your tour has received each week for the last 3 months. We do not keep data older than 90 days.

Photo Popularity Ranking

Photo Popularity Ranking will show you which photo in your tour is viewed most often. We will show the top 9 photos being viewed in the tour and all the other scenes will be grouped into a section labeled other.